ElderHouse, Inc.  – Technology Project

ElderHouse, Inc. is a medical model adult day program serving the City of Norwalk and surrounding communities.  Our program improves quality of life for older adults with age related difficulties and their caregivers by offering a full day of socialization and recreational activities.  Throughout the day clients receive wellness and health services such as medical monitoring, special dietary meals, personal care, physical and cognitive programs, therapies, ADA transportation and caregiver support. ElderHouse received a $25,400 grant from the Connecticut Non-Profit Grant Program to support its information technology upgrade.  This grant enabled ElderHouse to upgrade computer hardware and replace an outdated database used to collect, manage and report client information, as well as track services and service delivery. The major component of the project was the purchase of a new database designed specifically to improve the performance of senior care service providers.  The database has had a significant impact on the adult day program, enabling ElderHouse to better manage data and health records for more than 90 frail seniors annually.  The database has improved the center’s ability to record and securely store health information, create and update person centered care plans, and generate detailed reports related to demographics, client services, attendance and billing. This data helps ElderHouse analyze and measure program outcomes ensuring the continued success of its program.