Charter Oak Health Center

Enhanced Podiatry Services at Charter Oak Health Center

Thanks to the generous funding provided by the Governor’s Non-profit Grant Program, Charter Oak Health Center was able to expand and enhance our podiatry services we can offer to our patients. Using the funds, we were able to reconfigure the fourth floor of the health center at 21 Grand Street in Hartford to provide a place for our expanding podiatry service to have an area for patients to register, along with four expanded exam rooms dedicated to our podiatry program, as well as a spacious provider office and two medication rooms.

The improved patient flow has led to a vastly improved patient experience, as shown in our patient satisfaction scores, and our total number of podiatry visits increasing by over 1,000 from year to year. Patients are now able to register without having to walk through another department to get to the podiatry department, and are also now able to be seen by the podiatrists in a handicapped accessible room built large enough to handle walkers and wheelchairs as necessary, providing a much improved experience for all.