CT Renaissance


Nonprofit Grant Program Achievements


Connecticut Renaissance has benefited from three NGP awards which have made significant improvements within our residential drug treatment and halfway house programs which have directly benefited the programs and their clients.

Residential Program Minivans

Renaissance utilized an $88,000 NGP award to purchase three seven passenger minivans for use within our Residential Programs, replacing three nearly 15 year old twelve passenger vans. Our residential programs are based in Bridgeport and Waterbury and serve up to 250 clients at any one time.  The vans are used to transport clients to medical visits, employment interviews, recreational activities and court appointments.  These new vans have allowed Renaissance to lower our expenditures for fuel and maintenance related to client transportation and significantly improved the reliability/availability of the vans.

Client Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling

Renaissance was awarded an NGP award of $27,600 to provide a remodeling of a client bathroom within one of our Residential Community Release Programs.  The renovation included the replacement/retiling of the bathroom floor, the replacement of sinks and vanities, the installation of a new drop ceiling and the replacement/rebuilding of the shower units.  The renovations made possible by the NGP award significantly improved the program environment for the clients.


Backup Power Generators

A $58,000 NGP grant funded the installation of a power backup generator system at Renaissance’s Waterbury East residential facility.  The system contains two individual generators which power essential services (furnace, kitchen, communications, security and emergency lighting) within the facility.  The installation of the generators ensures the ability to provide services in the event of a short or long term power outage and eliminates the potential need to relocate clients in the event of an extended outage.