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Implementing Local Delinquency Prevention Program (Title V)

The Implementing Local Delinquency Prevention Program (Title V) category provides up to two thirds of the funding to implement a local delinquency prevention plan based upon an assessment of risk and protective factors associated with the development of delinquent behavior in a community’s children.  The goal is to reduce delinquency and youth violence by supporting communities in providing their children, families, neighborhoods and institutions with the knowledge, skills and opportunities necessary to foster a healthy and nurturing environment.  

This local planning approach calls on communities to identify and reduce risk factors to which their children are exposed and to identify and increase/enhance protective factors which mitigate risk.  A youth advisory committee that reflects the racial, ethnic, and cultural composition of the community’s youth population and includes youth at various levels of academic and social competencies must provide input into the design and implementation of program strategies.

Grantees under the Implementing Local Delinquency Prevention Program category may access reporting forms at the Grantee Reporting: Implementing Local Delinquency Prevention Program page.

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As of fall 2012, it is not expected that there will be additional federal funding to support this program.