Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division 

Policy, Planning and Implementation Unit

Research Unit

The Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division was established by statute on July 1, 2006 (prior to that date it was a functional unit within the Office of Policy and Management, Policy Development and Planning Division.)  The Justice Planning Act (Public Act 05-249) was codified into State Statute with the majority of the division's requirements under Title 4, Chapter 50, §4-68m of the Connecticut General Statutes.  Correctional system population projections are codified under Title 4, Chapter 50, §4-68n.  The reporting system to track criminal justice system trends and outcomes was codified under §4-68o. The requirement to produce an annual report "specifying the actions necessary to promote an effective and cohesive criminal justice system", etc. was codified under §4-68p.

"The mission of the Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the criminal justice system, determine the system's long-range needs and recommend policy priorities and advise and assist the Governor and the General Assembly in developing plans, policies, programs, and legislation to improve the system's effectiveness."

Staff Members

Marc Pelka, Undersecretary - Link to Bio 860-856-0724
Kyle Baudoin, Policy Development Coordinator
Melissa Conway, Planning Analyst 860-418-6220
Nichole Howe, Associate Accountant 860-418-6443
Eleanor Michael, Assistant Division Director 860-418-6298
Kevin Neary, Lead Planning Analyst 860-418-6350
Carolyn Smith, Secretary 860-418-6307