Consensus Revenue

Section 2-36c of the general statutes directs the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) secretary and the Office of Fiscal Analysis (OFA) director to agree on and issue consensus revenue estimates each year by November 10th and to issue any necessary consensus revisions of those estimates in January and April. The estimates must cover the current biennium and the three following years.  The Act requires the State Comptroller to issue the consensus estimate, which must either equal one of the separate estimates from the two offices or fall between the two if OPM and OFA are unable to issue consensus estimates.

The consensus revenue estimates and revised estimates must (1) serve as the basis for the Governor's proposed budget and for the revenue statement included in the final budget act passed by the Legislature to indicate that the budget is balanced, and (2) be included in the annual fiscal accountability reports submitted to the Legislature's fiscal committees each November.

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