FY 2020 - 2021 Budget Baseline and Options

The documents posted here have been submitted by state agencies pursuant to a request from OPM to provide budget and legislative requests for the upcoming biennium. These documents are drafts and are part of a deliberative process and should not be considered final, or reflective of the views of state agencies, OPM, or the Office of the Governor. They are posted here for the convenience of the public. The Governor's budget proposals will be released to the public in February, 2019.

Department Baseline Budget Options Legislative Proposals
Administrative Services, Department of DAS23000baseline DAS23000Legislative
Agricultural Experiment Station AES48000baseline AES48000Legislative
Agriculture, Department of DAG42500baseline DAG42500Legislative
Attorney General OAG29000baseline OAG29000Legislative
Auditors of Public Accounts APA11000baseline APA11000Legislative
Banking, Department DOB37000baseline DOB37000Legislative
Board of Regents for Higher Education BOR77700baseline BOR77700Legislative
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the CME49500baseline CME49500Legislative
Children and Families, Department of DCF91000baseline DCF91000Legislative
Consumer Counsel, Office of DCC38100baseline DCC38100Legislative
Consumer Protection, Department of DCP39500baseline DCP39500Legislative
Correction, Department of DOC88000baseline DOC88000Legislative
Council on Environmental Quality CEQ45000baseline CEQ45000Legislative
Criminal Justice, Division of DCJ30000baseline DCJ30000Legislative
Developmental Services, Department of DDS50000baseline DDS50000Legislative
Early Childhood, Office of OEC64800baseline OEC64800Legislative
Economic and Community Development, Department of ECD46000baseline ECD46000Legislative
Education, Department of SDE64000baseline SDE64000Legislative
Elections Enforcement Commission ELE13500baseline ELE13500Legislative
Emergency Services and Public Protection, Department of DPS32000baseline DPS32000Legislative
Energy and Environmental Protection, Dept of DEP43000baseline DEP43000Legislative
Equity and Opportunity, Commission on CEO11970baseline CEO11970Legislative
Freedom of Information Commission FOI13700baseline FOI13700Legislative
Governmental Accountability, Office of OGA17000baseline OGA17000Legislative
Governor's Office GOV12000baseline GOV12000Legislative
Healthcare Advocate, Office of the MCO39400baseline MCO39400Legislative
Higher Education, Office of DHE66500baseline DHE66500Legislative
Housing, Department of DOH46900baseline DOH46900Legislative
Human Rights and Opportunities, Commission on HRO41100baseline HRO41100Legislative
Insurance Department DOI37500baseline DOI37500baseline
Judicial Department JUD95000baseline JUD95000Legislative
Labor Department DOL40000baseline DOL40000Legislative
Legislative Management OLM10000baseline OLM10000Legislative
Lieutenant Governor's Office LGO13000baseline LGO13000Legislative
Mental Health and Addiction Services, Department of MHA53000baseline MHA53000Legislative
Military Department MIL36000baseline MIL36000Legislative
Motor Vehicles, Department of DMV35000baseline DMV35000Legislative
Policy and Management, Office of OPM20000baseline OPM20000Legislative
Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities, Office of OPA41200baseline OPA41200Legislative
Psychiatric Security Review Board PSR56000baseline PSR56000Legislative
Public Defender Services Commission PDS98500baseline PDS98500Legislative
Public Health, Department of DPH48500baseline DPH48500Legislative
Rehabilitation Services, Department of SDR63500baseline SDR63500Legislative
Revenue Services, Department of DRS16000baseline DRS1600Legislative
Secretary of the State SOS12500baseline SOS12500Legislative
Social Services, Department of DSS60000baseline DSS60000Legislative
State Comptroller OSC15000baseline OSC15000Legislative
State Comptroller - Fringe Benefits OSC15200baseline OSC15200Legislative
State Ethics, Office of ETH13600baseline ETH13600Legislative
State Library CSL66000baseline CSL66000Legislative
State Treasurer OTT14000baseline OTT14000Legislative
State Treasurer - Debt Service OTT14100baseline OTT14100Legislative
Teachers' Retirement Board TRB77500baseline TRB77500Legislative
Transportation, Department of DOT57000baseline DOT57000Legislative
University of Connecticut UOC67000baseline UOC67000Legislative
University of Connecticut Health Center UHC72000baseline UHC72000Legislative
Veterans' Affairs, Department of DVA21000baseline DVA21000Legislative
Women, Children and Seniors, Commission on CWS11960baseline CWS11960Legislative
Workers' Compensation Commission WCC42000baseline WCC42000Legislative
Workers' Compensation Claims - Dept of Admin Services DAS23100baseline DAS23100Legislative
 Health Strategy, Office of  OHS49100baseline    OHS49100Legislative