Secretary Barnes' Letters:

Aug. 5, 2013 Policy Letter
Sept. 16, 2013 Options Guidance
Agency Name Requested Revision Capital Request Legislative Proposal
Administrative Services, Dept of DASOptions DASLeg Proposal
African-American Affairs Comm
Aging, Comm on
Aging, State Dept on SDAOptions
Agricultural Experiment Station AESOptions
Agriculture, Dept of DAGOptions DAGLeg Proposal
Asian Pacific American Affairs Comm
Attorney General
Auditors of Public Accounts
Banking, Dept of DOBLeg Proposal
Board of Regents for Higher Education BOROptions BORLeg Proposal
Chief Medical Examiner, Off of the
Children and Families, Dept of DCFOptions DCFLeg Proposal
Children, Comm on
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
Connecticut Innovations CIILeg Proposal
Consumer Counsel, Off of
Consumer Protection, Dept of DCPOptions
Correction, Dept of DOCLeg Proposal
Council on Environmental Quality
Criminal Justice, Division of
Developmental Services, Dept of DDSOptions DDSLeg Proposal
Early Childhood, Off of
Economic and Community Dev, Dept of ECDOptions ECDCapital ECDLeg Proposal
Education, Dept of SDELeg Proposal
Emerg Services and Public Prot, Dept of DPSOptions DPSCapital DPSLeg Proposal
Energy and Environmental Prot, Dept of DEPLeg Proposal
Governmental Accountability, Off of OGALeg Proposal
Governor's Off
Healthcare Advocate, Off of the MCOOptions
Higher Education, Off of DHELeg Proposal
Housing, Dept of DOHOptions DOHCapital DOHLeg Proposal
Human Rights and Opportunities, Comm on HROOptions
Insurance Dept DOIOptions DOILeg Proposal
Judicial Dept
Labor Dept DOLOptions DOLLeg Proposal
Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Comm
Legislative Management
Lieutenant Governor's Off
Mental Health and Addiction Svcs, Dept of MHAOptions MHALeg Proposal
Military Dept MILOptions MILLeg Proposal
Motor Vehicles, Dept of DMVLeg Proposal
Policy and Management, Off of OPMOptions
Prot and Adv for Persons with Disabilities, Off of OPAOptions
Psychiatric Security Review Board
Public Defender Services Comm PDSOptions
Public Health, Dept of DPHOptions DPHLeg Proposal
Rehabilitation Services, Dept of SDROptions SDRLeg Proposal
Revenue Services, Dept of DRSOptions DRSLeg Proposal
Secretary of the State
Social Services, Dept of DSSOptions DSSLeg Proposal
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines' Fund
State Comptroller OSCOptions
State Library CSLOptions CSLLeg Proposal
State Marshal Comm
State Properties Review Board
State Treasurer
Status of Women, Permanent Comm on the
Teachers' Retirement Board TRBOptions TRBLeg Proposal
Transportation, Dept of DOTOptions DOTLeg Proposal
University of Connecticut UOCOptions UOCLeg Proposal
University of Connecticut Health Center
Veterans' Affairs, Dept of DVAOptions
Workers' Compensation Comm WCCOptions