Quality Council

Quality Council Overview

The Office of Health Strategy (OHS) formed the Quality Council to recommend a core set of clinical quality, patient safety, consumer experience, and over-and under-utilization measures or benchmarks. Members of the Quality Council will also recommend benchmarks and measures that focus on eliminating health disparities among people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.  These measures and benchmarks will help ensure maintenance and improvement of healthcare quality and assess primary care, specialty and hospital provider, and public and private payer performance for the OHS Cost Growth and Quality Benchmarks and Primary Care Target Initiatives, created in response to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 5Members of the Quality Council include healthcare providers, health insurance experts, patient advocates, consumer representatives, state agencies and other experts from across the healthcare and related sectors in Connecticut.


Executive Order No. 5 directs the Quality Council to assist the Executive Director of OHS and, with input and assistance from the Commissioners of the Social Services, Public Health, and Insurance departments, develop quality benchmarks across all public and private payers beginning in calendar year 2022. In addition, the Quality Council will seek input and advice from the Technical Team and Stakeholder Advisory Board through the development of the quality measures.


2023 Meeting Schedule


Quality Council Charter


Quality Council Bylaws