Primary Care Work Group


Deb Polun, Connecticut Assoc. for Comm. Action, Inc.

Rick Brush, Wellville

Grace Damio, Hispanic Health Council

Rowena Bergmans, Nuvance Health

Ken Lalime, CHCACT

Lyn Salsgiver, Bridgeport Hospital

Naomi Nomizu, Hartford HealthCare

Heather Gates, Community Health Resources

Seth Clohosey, Trinity

Mario Garcia, Connecticut Department of Public Health

Randy Trowbridge, Team Rehab

Elsa Stone, CT Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

Rita Kuwahara, CT Institute for Communities/DCHC

Rachel Southard, Starling Physicians

Leslie Miller, Leslie Miller PC

Stephanie Caiazzo, United Healthcare

Lori Pennito, Harvard Pilgrim

Alta Lash, Consumer Representative

Lisa Honigfeld, Consumer Representative 

Lesley Bennett, Consumer Representative

Shirley Girouard, Consumer Representative

Angie DeMello, Consumer Representative

Penny Hugh, Yale

Martha Page, Hartford Food System, Inc

Marie Smith, UConn School of Pharmacy

Brad Richards, Connecticut Department of Social Services

Tom Woodruff, Office of the State Comptroller

Lisa Trumble, SOHO Health

April Greene, Aetna

Paul Dworkin, CT Children's Medical Center

Karen Hlavac, Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled Consumer Advocate

M. Alex Geertsma, CT Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics