June 1, 2023

Regular Meeting

3:00pm -
DN: 22-32594-CON - This is a continuation of the hearing that began on April 26, 2023. The hearing is being reconvened for the sole purpose of considering certain topics raised at the first session which were the subject of two late file requests. Those requests seek the disclosure of information compiled for purpose of obtaining antitrust clearance from the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and the Connecticut Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), and/or which constitute commercial or financial information. Please note that any information deemed confidential will be presented in two separate executive sessions, and separate Zoom links will be supplied directly to counsel for purposes of holding such executive sessions. Pursuant to Section 149 of Public Act No. 21-2, as amended by Public Act No. 22-3, this hearing will be held virtually via Zoom Conference call. Dial in: 1 646 876 9923 US (New York) Meeting ID: 828 6384 1128 Passcode: 362910

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