Fee Schedule effective November 4, 2019, Sec. 19a-401-1—19a-401-32 and Sec. 19a-403-1, pursuant to CGS Sec. 4-189j for medical record fees and civil matters fees.




Commission on Medicolegal Investigations (COMLI):

Chapter 368q of the Connecticut General Statutes places OCME under the control and supervision of the Commission on Medicolegal Investigations (COMLI). The Commission is composed of nine members who are appointed by the Governor of the State of Connecticut. The Commissioners each represent various groups and include the following:

           Commissioner of the Department of Public Health (Ex Officio member)
•           Two Full Professors of Law and Two Full Professors of Pathology
•           A representative of the Connecticut Bar Association
•           A representative from the Connecticut State Medical Society
•           Two members of the public.


The Commission elects its own officers, appoints the Chief and Deputy Medical Examiners, and promulgates regulations by which the Office runs (regulations undergo subsequent legislative review and approval). The Chief Medical Examiner serves as the agency head. The COMLI has supervisory and advisory meetings 4-5 times per year with the Chief Medical Examiner.  Per, Sec 1-225, the minutes, dates, and agendas are posted here. 

 Dates Agendas Minutes
 February 4, 2022 Agenda Minutes
 March 25, 2022 Agenda Minutes
 June 17, 2022 Agenda CANCELLED
 September 23, 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 November 18, 2022 Agenda  Minutes
 February 3, 2023 Agenda  
 March 24, 2023 (Open Meeting)    
 June 30, 2023    
 September 22, 2023    
 November 17, 2023