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LTCOP Trainings and Podcasts

Mental Health and COVID-19: Fostering Cultural Inclusion in Long Term Care Communities

Seven episode podcast aimed to help residents, families and providers of long-term care facilities address and respond to some of the current challenges raised generally but also exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Your Care - Your Rights - Your Voice Podcast

Your Care - You Rights - Your Voice will focus on care choices, the rights you have related to those choices and how to use your voice to get the person-centered care you deserve. Host Mairead Painter is the Long Term Care Ombudsman for the state of Connecticut and a leader who is building strong community ties in the challenging area of long term care. She brings her expertise to address issues and solutions to Your Care- explains Your Rights- and helps you to use Your Voice to achieve the highest quality of care and the highest quality of life. To stay updated on all the latest info and get notifications when new episodes air, like and follow the Your Care - Your Rights - Your Voice Podcast Official Facebook Page.

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Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation
What is Fear of Retaliation? - What can you do about it?
In their own words, five of Connecticut’s nursing home residents tell their stories about their lives, the changes to their lives when they move into a nursing home, their fears and how they find voice and become empowered to live life to its fullest.

Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation - English
Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation Video

Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation - Spanish
Voices Speak Out Against Retaliation video - Spanish
Trauma Informed Care During COVID-19

This training will emphasize the importance of understanding the prevalence of trauma and the effects that trauma can have on an individual’s mental health, physical, social, and spiritual well-being so as to provide care that is sensitive to individual values while resisting the re-traumatization of vulnerable persons.


LTCOP and Center for Medicare Advocacy Presentations

Thanks to a Grant from Point32Health Foundation and the CT Department on Aging and Disability Services The CT Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and the Center for Medicare Advocacy present virtual education sessions on a series of topics.

 LTCOP Education Series

Using Care Planning To Achieve Quality Care Presentation
Join Regional Ombudsman Lindsay Jesshop as she reviews residents rights as they pertain to individualized care plans and how residents and families can use their care plan as a tool to achieve quality care in skilled nursing facilities.

Using Care Planning to Achieve Quality Care Powerpoint
Accompanying Powerpoint Presentation

CT LTCOP Memory Care Training
Join regional Ombudsman Brenda Foreman as she reviews resident rights as they pertain to individuals who receive services in memory care units.

CT LTCOP Memory Care Training Powerpoint
Accompanying Powerpoint Presentation

Choosing a Nursing Home Presentation
Join Regional Ombudsman Daniel Beem as he guides individuals and families on choosing a skilled nursing facility. After a review of resident rights and regulations as they pertain to nursing home admissions/wait list laws Dan notes some tips, tricks, and tools to use when selecting a skilled nursing facility that best meets your needs. 

Choosing a Nursing Home Powerpoint
Accompanying Powerpoint Presentation

Family Council Presentation
The Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman Program hopes that this presentation will provide you with information and ideas to form your own family council at your loved one’s nursing home.

 LTCOP Involuntary Discharge Web Portal User Manual for Staff (Last Updated 11-2-21)

VRA Training Resources

Training Manual 2022 Full

Training Manual 2022 Just Modules 1,2

Training Manual 2022 Just Modules 3,4,5

Training Role Plays

VRA Initial Training Videos

Module I :

What is a Long-Term Care Ombudsman?

LTCOP Training 1 National LTCORC Advocate for Residents Rights -


Module II:

Fear of Retaliation -

Look at Me -


Module III:

Home of the Brave -

LTCOP Training 5 AARP Nursing Home Care Plan Getting Good Care -

Additional Training Videos 

Volunteer Resident Advocate Training Video 1

Volunteer Resident Advocate Training Video 2

Volunteer Resident Advocate Training Video 3

Volunteer Resident Advocate Training Video 4

Volunteer Resident Advocate Training Video 5

VRA Self-Study Online Modules

  1. Module 1: History and Role of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
    1. Module 1: Quiz
  2. Module 2: The Aging Process
    1. Module 2: Quiz
  3. Module 3: Resident's Rights
    1. Module 3: Quiz
  4. Module 4: The Problem-Solving Process - Investigation
    1. Module 4: Quiz
  5. Module 5: The Problem-Solving Process - Resolution
    1. Module 5: Quiz