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Advocacy Center 2021 Legislative Session

The Connecticut Long Term Care Ombudsman Program wants to make sure that as we enter the 2021 legislative session our legislators, public health officials and key decision makers across the state are able to hear from their constituents regarding issues that matter to them. We have created this web page as a central resource to help streamline that process.  We encourage readers to check this page regularly for updates as we try to keep our finger on the pulse of the legislative session and will provide weekly tracking logs of long term care related bills, but also suggest to use the resources listed to make your voices heard. We recommend confirming committee public hearing schedules for key bills related to key topics and taking opportunities to let your legislators know how you think they should vote when it comes to issues that matter most. For a quick summary and overview of the legislative process click here, or find out how a bill becomes a law here in Connecticut


LTCOP Bill Tracker
  • During each legislative session, The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program continues to track and highlight a selection of priority focus bills as they relate to individuals who receive their Long Term Services and Supports in settings such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care Homes. The Bill Tracker is Updated Weekly and can be Accessed Here.  
CGA Website: How to Create Your Own Bill Tracker


Watch Public Hearing and Committee Meetings Live

CGA Training: How to View Meetings/Hearings Virtually  

To watch any public hearing and committee meeting live, visit the main website and check out the schedule of events / calendar on the front page. Click on the one you'd like to watch as the event occurs. 

The General Assembly has established a Youtube channel for each committee (also accessible at under the "CGA Live Streaming Feeds" heading).


How to Testify Virtually Online


CGA Training: How to Testify Virtually Online

CGA Website: A Guide on How to Contact Legislators and Testify Remotely


What to Expect When Testifying Remotely

Joining the Meeting: When you request to testify on a particular bill, you will be sent a calendar invite with a zoom meeting for the date/time of the event. Then, on the day of the event you will log into and join the zoom meeting and be placed in a holding room, but should still be able to see the meeting taking place. While in this waiting room/holding room. You will be on mute and your camera will not show. As the meeting progresses they will ultimately start accepting testimony from those who are approved and call them name by name to speak. Eventually it will be your turn to testify and they will call your name. When they call your name you will see rotating circle that says "Re-entering the meeting". At that time you should unmute and turn your camera on. You will then be allowed to speak. 

How to Start Your Testimony: At the beginning of your testimony you will address the committee. Your testimony should begin with:

"Good afternoon Senator (CHAIR last name) , Representative (CHAIR last name),  and distinguished members of the (Name of the Committee) Committee.  My name is (your name)  and I am here today to testify regarding (BILL NUMBER X) or (BILL NUMBERS X, Y, Z)." 

If only testifying on behalf of one bill, say the bill number and full title and then tell your story or why your are for or against the bill. If you are testifying for multiple Bills, you can go through them one at a time by stating the bill number and full title of the bill and then the reasons why you are testifying on behalf of each one individually.

How to End Your Testimony: End by thanking them for hearing you today and let them know you welcome any questions.

*NOTE: Keep in mind each speaker has a total of 3 min to testify, so it is helpful to time and practice your testimony ahead of time so you know you wont be rushed and can get to all of your points during your delivery.


Upcoming Public Hearings



Connecticut General Assembly Resources

Connecticut General Assembly Main Page Link

Contact Info for Key Committees

Find Testimony Opportunities By Following Committee Public Hearing Agendas Page

House/Senate Journal


The Nursing Home and Assisted Living Oversight Working Group (NHALOWG)

The Nursing Home and Assisted Living Oversight Working Group (NHALOWG) was formed to make recommendations on proposed legislation for the 2021 session addressing lessons learned from COVID-19, based upon the Mathematica final report (A Study of the COVID-19 Outbreak and Response in Connecticut Long-Term Care Facilities) and other related information, concerning:

  • Structural challenges in the operation and infrastructure of nursing homes and assisted living facilities; and
  • Changes needed to meet the demands of any future pandemic


Connecticut CT-N Network
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2021 Legislative Priority Issues by Topic
Election and Absentee Ballot Information

Absentee Voting Information

Absentee Ballot Fact Sheet

Election Calendar


Further Information About the Legislative Process

The Legislative Process

How a Bill Becomes a Law


Take Action - Speak Up! Contact Your Local Representative Today

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How to Write an Effective Letter - Template Format


Other Ways to Advocate on Issues In Your Home

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