About Us

The Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative (CFI) is a broad-based, statewide collaborative effort involving numerous state and local partners and led by the Department of Social Services. At the core of our work is changing the systems that can improve fathers’ ability to be fully and positively involved in the lives of their children.

Recognizing the continued work of all CFI partners across the state whether at the state or local level, in 2015 upon the completion of the Strategic Plan the partners agreed the working name for our efforts will be the Connecticut Fatherhood Initiative.


At the time of his passing in 2002 Representative John S. Martinez, 95th Dist., was the Deputy Majority Leader in the Connecticut General Assembly and an active member of the Fatherhood Advisory Council. He was especially instrumental in sponsoring Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut legislation (P.A. 99-193), which was passed by the Legislature in 1999.


John knew the importance of a father’s interaction with his child and fought to help develop public policies that would benefit fathers and their families. Our name change reflects the continued work and growth of our partners that we know would have made John proud.


The legacy of our late friend Rep. John S. Martinez remains a vibrant part of our vision to this day.