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The Department of Social Services has suspended in-person visits to our field offices as a protective measure for customers and staff. We are continuing to provide services. Customers can access benefit and application information, 24/7, at www.connect.ct.gov and www.ct.gov/dss/apply; or 1-855-6-CONNECT. Full information on ways to contact DSS online, by phone, by mail, and at office dropboxes is at www.ct.gov/dss/fieldoffices. Information and updates about child support is available at www.ct.gov/dss/childsupport. Please also visit www.ct.gov/coronavirus for latest State of Connecticut updates; and www.ct.gov/dss/covid for DSS-specific updates. Thank you.

Notices of Intent, Operational Policies, and Proposed Regulations


PR2016-083 CHCPE Operating Policy

PR2016-083 CHCPE NOI and Proposed Regulation

PR2017-001 NOI Proposed Regulations and Operational Policy for Provider Participation Requirements in CMAP   

PR2017-001 Proposed Regulations and Operational Policy for Provider Participation Requirements in CMAP 

17-01 (pr2016-087) NOI - PCMH   

17-01 (pr2016-087) Operational Policy - PCMH + Effective 01-01-2017 

Proposed Regulation Concerning Removing Inaccessibility from the Uniform Policy Manual (Reg. # 15-03)

15-03 Notice of Intent 

14-09 Notice of Intent   

Fiscal note - top 100 obligors-2   

Small business impact - top 100 obligors   

Top100 obligors regulation - pr2015-154 

PR2015-139 SAGA Effective Date Certification 

12-16 (PR2016-018) – Outpatient Hospital – Extended Comment Period & Rescheduled Hearing 

12-16 (PR2016-018) – NOI – Outpatient Hospital

12-16 (PR2016-018) – Operational Policy – Outpatient Hospital – Effective 07-01-2016

PR2015-169: NOI ABI Waiver Proposed Regulations and Operational Policy

PR2015-169 ABI Waiver Proposed Regulations and Operational Policy Effective 7/1/16

Proposed Regulation Concerning the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (Reg. # 14-01)

Notice of Decision to Move Forward with Proposed Regulation

Commissioner’s Memo, Response to Comments, and Exhibits    

PR2015-158 Updated Notice of Intent

PR2015-158 Uniform Policy Manual Amendment

PR2015-158 Proposed Regulation

14-06 NOI-The State Administered General Assistance Program 

14-06 Proposed Regulation-The State-Administered General Assistance Program 

14-06 Proposed Regulation-UPM Amendment-The State-Administered General Assistance Program

14-07 NOI Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

14-07 Operational Policy Autism Spectrum Disorder Services    

14-05 NOD-Gender Dysphoria

11-06 NOI Inpatient Hospital

11-06 Operational Policy Inpatient Hospital 

14-01 NOI deficit reduction act   

14-01 Operating policy-deficit reduction act

14-05 NOI gender dysphoria

14-05 Proposed regulation treatment of gender dysphoria

12-03 NOI non-emergency medical transportation

12-03 Proposed regulation non-emergency medical transportation   

13-05 Notice of intent child support

13-05 Proposed regulation child support  

13-04 NOI Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians

13-04 Operational Policy - Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians

12-12 NOI Katie Beckett Waiver

12-12 Operational Policy - Katie Beckett Waiver

13-01 NOI Customized Wheelchairs

13-01 Operational Policy - Payment for Cutomized Wheelchairs

13-07 NOI - TFA / EBT Transactions

13-07 Operational Policy - UPM 8570.32

12-24 NOI FQHC

12-24 Requirements for Payment to Federally Qualified Health Centers

09-17 NOI Definition of Medical Necessity

09-17 Operational Policy-Definition of Medical Necessity