Integrated Care for Kids – A New Federal Grant Opportunity


Integrated Care for Kids (or InCK for short) is a federal grant opportunity available to the state Medicaid agency (Department of Social Services) and a ‘Local Lead Organization,’ to propose a new model in how the state pays for integrated healthcare services for individuals under age 21 who are eligible for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.  DSS will partner with a Local Lead Organization which is HIPAA-covered and fully committed to the entire health and wellness of all children and their families within the geographic community it serves. 

We look forward to a collaborative approach in preparing an outstanding proposal on behalf of children and youth in Connecticut.

Lead Local Organization Selected for
Integrated Care for Kids Grant Opportunity

[Updated March 26, 2019]

The Department of Social Services received eleven Statements of Intent (SOI) from various healthcare organizations throughout the state for the Integrated Care for Kids initiative.  All of the submissions were thoughtful and emphasized the collaborative approach that is essential to improve healthcare outcomes for children.   Having received advice and comment from a review committee made up of representatives from DMHAS, DCF, OEC, DPH, and Education, the  Department has selected Clifford Beers as the Lead Local Organization (LLO) for the Connecticut application.

The Department sincerely appreciates the efforts and thoughtfulness of all of the entities that submitted SOI.  While we believe that it will be most strategic to partner with one LLO, if Connecticut receives an InCK grant, both the Department and the LLO will share best practices and outcomes with all HUSKY Health providers throughout the state.

Integrated Care for Kids documents:

State of Connecticut (DSS) documents

Federal (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) documents: