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DSS Presentations & Legislative Testimony


Presentation to the Appropriations Committee: Governor’s SFY 2021 Midterm Budget Adjustments for the Department of Social Services (Feb. 19, 2020)

Modernization of Connecticut Medicaid Nursing Facility Reimbursement: An Essential Component of Long-Term Services and Supports ‘Rebalancing’ (DSS presentation at Forum for Legislative Committees of Cognizance, Feb. 6, 2020)

Financial Trends in the Connecticut HUSKY Health Program - A Foundation for Sustainability; presentation to the Medical Assistance Program Oversight Committee (February 8, 2019; revised February 15, 2019).  Please note: the revised presentation reflects updated enrollment counts for 2012-2015 across all DSS programs, to correct an earlier data integration process error.  As a result, the count of the number of people served increased by 13% for 2012, 10% for 2013, 8% for 2014 and 4% for 2015 (counts for 2016, 2017 and 2018 remain unchanged).  These updated enrollment numbers cause updated per-member/per-month cost data, incorporated in the revised version. Bottom line, however: the downward cost trends remain in effect.  We regret any inconvenience that may have been caused by the initial version of our presentation.  


Key Facts About Connecticut Medicaid (September 15, 2018)

10 Things to Know About Connecticut Medicaid (November 8, 2018)

Overview of HUSKY Health/Medicaid/CHIP –Consolidated Issue Briefs (September 15, 2018)


Five Key Points about Connecticut HUSKY Health (Medicaid & CHIP); presentation to the MetroHartford Alliance Health Care Council’s Medicaid Reform Group (PowerPoint, 4/10/18)

Governor’s SFY 2019 Recommended Budget Adjustments for the Department of Social Services; presentation to the Appropriations Committee (PowerPoint, 2/21/18)

Financial Trends in the Connecticut HUSKY Health Program; presentation to the Medical Assistance Program Oversight Council (PowerPoint, 2/9/18)  

Connecticut HUSKY Health:  Cost Drivers, Reform Agenda, Outcomes, and Recommendations for Future State; presentation to the CT Fiscal Stability Commission (PowerPoint, 1/24/18)

Measuring Our Success: Eligibility Services Report, 1st Quarter 2018, Presentation to the Medical Assistance Program Oversight Council (May 11, 2018)