CT Medicaid Enterprise Technology System (CT METS)

Foundational Contractors' Overview

Foundational Contractors perform tasks and functions core to the CT METS program. Their work is crosscutting and essential to the CT METS mission and spans across all enterprise modules. 


The IV&V Scope of Work includes the contractor’s independent and unbiased reporting and evaluation for project progress to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  The IV&V contractor is a third-party entity providing unbiased oversight. The contractor monitors and makes recommendations that support overall quality assurance to the program.


The OCM contractor works closely with DSS business areas to obtain feedback about current processes used for Medicaid business functions. The OCM contractor uses this information to deliver recommendations for changes that align business functions with information systems to provide improved efficiencies and healthcare outcomes for members.


The PMO contractor provides project management and project support services for the CT METS Program and is the central hub for all project management activities and documentation.  It oversees documentation, guidance, metrics, and adherence to project management standards across the program.


The SI contractor works together with the OCM contractor to assess and recommend technology system modernization and improvements. DSS Medicaid business functions and processes will be packaged into technology called modules, that help support selected functions of the Medicaid enterprise. Recommended modules will be planned through a dynamic roadmap process informed by Department priorities, changing business needs, and available technologies. The SI contractor plays a key role in recommending how these modules are sequenced, secured, and implemented.

Page last updated 02/28/2023