About the Department of Social Services


The Affirmative Action Division is responsible for developing and implementing policy as it relates to multiple state and federal employee/client rights protection programs. State and federal civil rights laws, regulations and guidelines provide direction and support in all aspects of personnel and administration. The division’s staff: Monitor all aspects of the employment process; Conduct or arrange ongoing training relevant to employee rights, diversity, attitudes and behavior; Monitor contract compliance; Oversee recruitment efforts; Investigate and respond to internal  complaints of discrimination from employees and clients; Ensure compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and prepare the Affirmative Action Plan and reports, all subject to approval by the Commission on Human Rights.



Affirmative Action

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)




Astread Ferron-Poole
Director of Administration
Email: astread.ferron-poole@ct.gov

Terri-Lynn Johnston
Equal Employment Opportunity Manager
Email: terri-lynn.johnston@ct.gov

Nisa Davey

Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist

Email: nisa.davey@ct.gov