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2003 Special Notices

SN 2003(1), Exempt Sales of Food and Beverages at Schools and Care Facilities
SN 2003(2), February 2003 Legislative Changes
SN 2003(3), Sales and Use Taxes on Retail Sales of Clothing
SN 2003(4), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Gross Earnings Tax on Community Antenna Television System Companies
SN 2003(5), Sales and Use Taxes on Magazines and Newspapers
SN 2003(5.1), Sales and Use Taxes on Magazines and Newspapers
SN 2003(6), Media Advertising and Cooperative Direct Mail Advertising
SN 2003(7), Sales and Use Taxes on Health and Athletic Club Services
SN 2003(7.1), Sales and Use Taxes on Health and Athletic Club Services
SN 2003(8), Payroll Expense Exclusion for Managing a Service Recipient's Property or Business Premises Unaffected by 2002 Conn. Pub. Acts 103
SN 2003(9), One-Week Sales and Use Tax Exclusion in August for Clothing and Footwear Under $300
SN 2003(10), 2003 Legislative Changes to Sales and Use Taxes
SN 2003(11), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Controlling Interest Transfer Tax
SN 2003(12), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Gift Tax
SN 2003(13), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Succession Tax
SN 2003(14), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Solid Waste Assessment
SN 2003(15), 2003 Legislation Imposing the Gross Earnings Tax on Companies Providing One-Way Transmission of Video Programming by Satellite to Subscribers
SN 2003(16), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Health Care Center Tax
SN 2003(17), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Insurance Premiums Tax
SN 2003(18), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Cigarette Taxes and the Tobacco Products Tax
SN 2003(19), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Motor Carrier Road Tax
SN 2003(20), Legislation Affecting Contracts With Nonresident Contractors
SN 2003(21), 2003 Legislation Affecting the Connecticut Income Tax
SN 2003(22), Interest Expense Add Back