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Requesting a Correction or Amendment to a Vital Record


Who is Eligible to Request a Correction or Amendment to a Vital Record? 

An individual responsible for filing a vital record may request a correction or amendment to a birth certificate (e.g. hospital birth registrar, funeral director). In addition to the individual filing the vital record, the following parties are eligible to request a correction or amendment to a vital record:


  • For births, the registrant is at least 18 years of age, or parent or legal guardian of a minor registrant.
  • For marriages, both parties to the marriage if the marriage is still intact and both spouses are still alive. If one of the spouses is deceased, the surviving spouse may request a correction or amendment individually. If the marriage has been dissolved, then each spouse may request a correction or amendment, but only to the information pertaining to that spouse.
  • For deaths, the next of kin, the informant, certifier, medical examiner, or funeral director named on the death certificate
  • For fetal deaths, a parent, medical certifier, medical examiner, or funeral director


How Do I Get the Name Changed on my (or my child’s) Birth Certificate?

The individual requesting the name change must be the registrant listed on the birth record or the parent of a minor’s birth record.  A Legal Name Change court order is required to change any part of the child’s name (first, middle or last name).  A Legal Name Change court order may be obtained from a court of competent jurisdiction. Once the Legal Name Change has been obtained, it must be presented to the town where the birth occurred. 

The following items must be submitted to the town clerk (in person or through the mail):

  • An original, certified Legal Name Change court order (original will be returned upon request)
  • A notarized affidavit:
  • A government issued photo ID from the requester

Note:  Connecticut only allows the child’s (Registrant's) name fields to be changed through the Legal Name Change process.  Parent Name fields cannot be changed through this process.


Where Do I Go to Get the Name Changed On My (or my child's) Birth Certificate?

  • The town where the birth occurred. 



How Do I Request A Correction or an Amendment To a Vital Record?


You must provide to the registrar of the town where the vital event took place, a notarized affidavit affirming that the existing vital record is incorrect or incomplete, and that the newly provided information is accurate. Along with your affidavit, you must submit documentation proving that the information to be entered onto the record is accurate. 


Contact the Vital Records office in the town where the vital event occurred for further information to determine what type of documentation will be needed to support the requested amendment or correction.


Connecticut General Statutes

Requesting a Correction or Amendment to a FormConnecticut General Statutes §19a-42Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies §19a-41-5 through §19a-41-11


Town Directory

How Much Does it Cost to Amend or Correct a Vital Record?


There is no processing fee for amendments or corrections.




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