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Connecticut General Statutes

Birth Certificates

Who Can Request a Birth Certificate- Connecticut General Statutes §7-51

Proof of Identity Documents- Regulations for Connecticut State Agencies §19a-41-2


Death Certificates

Who Can Request a Death Certificate- Connecticut General Statutes §7-51a

Veteran’s Death Certificates One Time Fee Waiver-Connecticut General Statutes §7-74

Marriage and Civil Union Certificates

Who Can Request a Marriage or Civil Union Certificate- Connecticut General Statutes §7-51a

Who is Eligible to Marry- Connecticut General Statutes §46b-21 through §46b-30 

What is Needed to Apply for a Marriage License- Connecticut General Statutes §46b-24

Who is Eligible to Perform Marriages in Connecticut- Connecticut General Statutes §46b-22 


Adoptions and Foreign Births

Certification of a Foreign Birth- Connecticut General Statutes §7-54

Requesting a Non-Certified Copy of a Birth Certificate for an Adopted Person- Connecticut General Statutes §7-53



Public Act 21-15


Sex Amendments

Birth Certificate- Connecticut General Statutes section §19a-42(i)

Marriage Certificates- Public Act 21-121 (section 77)


Corrections and Amendments

Requesting a Correction or Amendment to a Form- Connecticut General Statues §19a-42; Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies §19a-41-5 through §19a-41-11


Data and Research

Genealogical Research- Connecticut General Statutes §7-51a.

Vital Records Data for Medical and Scientific Research Studies- Connecticut General Statute section §19a-25 and sections §19a-25-1 through §19a-25-4 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

Birth Data- Connecticut General Statutes §7-51

Death and Marriage Data- Connecticut General Statutes §7-51a