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SHIP Policy Agenda

In 2017, partners from across the state came together to identify policies related to health improvement priorities that would have the largest impact on health. Guided by the CDC Health Impact Pyramid, these policies reflected SHIP strategic priority to address the social determinants of health through policy and system changes. The policy agenda was identified and prompted by a statewide Action Summit in 2016, for which 175 Coalition members and other stakeholders convened. The Advisory Council and Executive Committee helped to prioritize the ideas from the Coalition and finalized the policy agenda. SHIP Coalition and Advisory Council members engaged in providing testimony, fact sheets, education and coordination of advocacy efforts.  


The process for the following years, also guided by the CDC Health Impact Pyramid, included recommendations from SHIP Action Team members and review and voting by the SHIP Advisory Council. From 2017 - 2019, twelve public acts were signed into law which supported SHIP Policy Agenda Priorities.
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the 2017 SHIP Policy Agenda
the 2018 SHIP Policy Agenda
the 2020 SHIP Policy Agenda updates

Or, click to view: a Summary of the Healthy CT 2020 SHIP Policy Agenda Priorities

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