Recreation ProgramThe Recreation Program is located within the Environmental Health Section.  The Program is Responsible for:

  • Public Swimming Pools - Issuing of approvals required for the construction, alteration or reconstruction of public swimming pools. (Private pools are regulated through local building officials and local health departments/districts)

  • Family Campgrounds - Providing consultation to local health departments concerning regulatory compliance

  • Public Beaches - Implementing a US Environmental Protection Agency grant to oversee coastal beach water sampling and beach closures; and providing advice to local health departments/districts about bathing areas within their jurisdiction.

For questions about the Recreation Program, please call:

Department of Public Health

410 Capitol Avenue MS #51 REC

P.O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Phone:  (860) 509-7296

TDD:     (860) 509-7191

Fax:      (860) 509-7295

Office hours:  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (M-F)

Reminder: Local health departments and districts may enact local ordinances.  Check with you local health department or district.  For contact info click here