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For Professionals

For Professionals

Lead Abatement in Connecticut

Lead abatement may be required when:

  1. A child under the age of 6 has an elevated blood lead level
  2. Lead abatement is being funded through a rehabilitation assistance program (may vary based on program)
  3. A town has a local ordinance (must follow more strict requirement)

For any person who wishes to engage in lead related activities within the State of Connecticut must work for a CT DPH licensed company and be certified in the appropriate discipline.

There are two license types available in Connecticut:

  1. Lead Consultant Contractor – a company that performs lead consultation work, such as lead inspections and designing of lead abatement and lead management plans.

    Certifications include:

    1. Lead Inspector - any person who performs inspections solely for the purpose of determining the presence of lead-based paint and surface coverings and lead in soil, dust and drinking water
    2. Lead Inspector-Risk Assessor - any person who performs lead risk assessment and provides suggested ways to control any identified lead hazards
    3. Lead Planner-Project Designer - any person designs lead abatement and management plans


  2. Lead Abatement Contractor – a company that performs lead abatement work

    Certifications include:

    1. Lead Abatement Supervisor – any person who oversees lead abatement activities
    2. Lead Abatement Worker – any person who performs lead abatement activities under the supervision of a certified lead abatement supervisor

CT DPH licenses lead abatement contractors as a licensed discipline For those seeking information on lead safe work practices, click here to learn more about the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.

Training Regulations

All certified individuals are required to completed lead related training through a DPH approved Lead Training Provider.

To locate a DPH approved Lead Training Provider and their approved courses, click here.

Lead Training Provider Certification

This certification is for entities that offer an approved training course of refresher training course in lead abatement or lead inspection, lead risk assessment, or lead planner project designer services. The instructions to apply online can be found here.


Specific to lead abatement projects is the use of liquid encapsulants. In Connecticut liquid encapsulants must be approved by the DPH. For more information on the DPH approved liquid encapsulants, see below.

If you would like your product to be listed on the CT DPH Registry of Authorized Encapsulant Products the  will need to be completed.