Simply Put: A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials (pdf)


     A research-based tool to plan and assess public communication materials. The 4 questions and  
     20 items represent the most important characteristics to enhance clarity and aid people‚Äôs 
     understanding of information.
      Messages and other resources for federal, state, local, and tribal public health officials to use
      during a response to an emergency. 
       Offers plain language equivalents to medical items, phrases, and references that we often use.

      Archived press releases, media advisories, and press briefing transcripts.  Also includes a 
      newsroom library and media kits.

       Guide for local, state, and federal public information officers.

        Manual which includes hints and suggestions on developing easy-to-read materials for
        skilled readers as well as those with low literacy.
        Basic list of Connecticut media contacts.  This list should be used as a start for building your own
        media contact list and should be expanded by including the local media in your area.
        Provides information on how to make your message clear through words, text, images and
        cultural considerations.
Simply Put: A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials (pdf)


       Various pre-made social media post templates for various natural, biological and other types
       of emergencies that can be quickly adapted.

      A guide to help writers be more effectively using multiple social media channels, particularly
      Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phone text messaging.
       Social media is a powerful channel to reach target audiences with strategic, effective and user-
       centric health interventions. To assist in the planning, development and implementation of social 
       media activities, the following guidelines have been developed to provide critical information on
       lessons learned, best practices, clearance information and security requirements.
      This guide outlines a process for developing publications for people with limited-literacy skills. 
        Provides resources for health marketing including eHealth marketing (using new media,)
        resources and tools, and examples of health marketing.

Simply Put: A guide for creating easy-to-understand materials (pdf)


        Contains template for CERC /Communication plan as well as forms, lists, guides and other d
        documents necessary for successfully managing an emergency.
        Guide for personal preparedness and planning for an emergency for various public health threats.