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Title 19a-CHAPTER 368l CARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCES Section 19a-332 through 19a-333


  • Sec 19a-332. Asbestos. Definitions.
  • 19a-332a Regulations. Fees
  • Sec 19a-332b Notice.
  • 19a-332c. Inspections. Orders issued by commissioner. Court order
  • Sec 19a-332d Criminal penalties.
  • Sec 19a-332e Civil Penalties. Regulations.
  • Sec 19a-333. re Asbestos Containing materials in schools.

Title 20-CHAPTER 400a Asbestos Contractors and Asbestos Consultants- Section 20-435 through 20-441


  • Sec 20-435 Asbestos contractors. Licenses. Fee. Renewal.
  • Sec 20-436 Asbestos consultants. Licenses. Fee. Renewal.
  • Sec 20-437 Asbestos abatement workers. Certificate. Fee. Renewal.
  • Sec 20-438 Asbestos abatement site supervisor. Certificate. Fee. Renewal
  • Sec 20-439 Training programs. Approval. Fees. Periodic reviews.
  • Sec 20-440 Regulations
  • Sec 20-441 Regulations. Retraining.


Title 19a-Health and Well-being; Subtitle 19a-332a

Title 20-Professional and Occupational Licensing, Certification