Administrative Directive Chapter 10
Inmate Services and Programs

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Chapter Title
10.1 Inmate Assignment and Pay Plan
10.2 Inmate Education
10.3 Inmate Legal Assistance
10.3 (Spanish) Inmate Legal Assistance (Spanish)
10.4 Volunteer and Recreation Services
10.5 Public Service Work
10.6 Inmate Visits
10.6 (Form CN 100604) Laptop Computer and Tablet Policy Form for Privileged Visitors
10.6 (Attachment A) Inmate Visiting Rules
10.6 (Spanish) Inmate Visit (Spanish)
10.6 (Attachment A) (Spanish) Inmate Visiting Rules (Spanish)
10.7 Inmate Communications
10.7 (Spanish) Inmate Communications (Spanish Version)
10.8 Religious Services
10.9 Inmate Marriages and Civil Unions
10.10 Inmate Tablet Use
10.11 Addiction Services
10.12 Inmate Orientation
10.13 Offender Programs
10.15 Inmate Personal Identification Procurement and Storage
10.16 Inmate Library Services
10.18 Nutrition and Food Services
10.19 Americans With Disabilities Act
10.20 Correctional Enterprises of Connecticut

Exceptions, Inclusions and Revisions