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Regulation D (Rules 504 and 506)
Section 4(a)(2) and Section 4(a)(5) Exemptions


EFD Filing Option Available for Rule 506 Private Placements Effective November 2, 2020
EFD Implementational Order


Rule 504 (Regulation D) Filing Instructions

Rule 505 [repealed by the Securities and Exchange Commission effective May 22, 2017]

Rule 506 (Regulation D) Filing Instructions

Section 4(a)(2) (formerly Section 4(2)) Filing Instructions

Section 4(a)(5) (formerly Section 4(6)) Filing Instructions


Form D (11 pages)

Form U-2 (Consent to Service of Process, 4 pages)


Connecticut Uniform Securities Act

Regulations Under the Connecticut Uniform Securities Act


Securities Lawyer's Deskbook (Univ. of Cincinnati College of Law)


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