CT Dept of Ag Hemp Producer Application and Licensing

Hemp Producer Application Information

To apply for a Hemp Producer license:

1. Review the Connecticut State Plan to understand the program requirements.

2. Suspension of Criminal History Records Check Requirement.

At the present time, the federal and state criminal history records check program for the State Department of Agriculture has not been approved by the FBI, and background checks cannot be completed at this time.  The commissioner has the discretion to issue conditional producer licenses without the completion of this records check.  Once the state and federal criminal history records check program has been approved and the required background checks can be completed, you will be notified, and have 30 days to complete the background checks for the individual applicants and all key participants.  The Commissioner shall revoke or terminate any conditional producer license upon expiration of the 30 day period, if the applicant’s or conditional licensee’s, (including all key participants) results do not meet the requirements of the federal act, and CGS 22-61l.

3. Create a map of your lot(s) and gather GPS coordinates for lots and indoor grow location. See Instructions for Creating Lot Maps guidance document below. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) can also help with creating a lot map.

4.  Complete the Hemp Producer Application via the eLicense system https://www.elicense.ct.gov/

5. Register your fields (lots, greenhouses) with your local FSA office USDA Service Center Locator        

6. Update your lot ID numbers in the CT eLicense system to the FSA assigned lot IDs https://www.elicense.ct.gov/using the maintenance link.

Hemp Application Guidance Documents

Producer Application Checklist
Producer Reporting to FSA
Instructions for Creating Lot Maps
Due Dates for Reports
Consent to Criminal History Records Check
Fee Schedule
Sample Legal Description

 Producer Reporting Forms and Instructions

Instructions for Uploading Documents into eLicense
Destruction Request
Greenhouse/ Indoor Planting Report
Harvest Request
Lot Modification Application
Outdoor Field Planting Report
Post Harvest Report

Hemp Sampling Documents

*Beginning January 1st, 2022, only trained official hemp samplers may collect official hemp samples. Currently, only CT DOAG inspectors are trained official hemp samplers. To request an official hemp sample collection by DOAG please email AGR.Hemp@ct.gov to schedule an appointment. Please send an email at least 14 days prior to desired sampling date. In the email include the following information: 2 desired sampling dates, hemp license number, how many lots will be sampled. DOAG will try to accommodate your desired sampling dates. DOAG is only available Monday thru Friday for sampling excluding State Holidays. 

DOAG will reply to your email with the date and time for the official hemp sample collection. A representative of the producer must be present at the time samples are collected. 

Laboratory Testing Procedures
Performance Based Sampling Procedures
Sampling Procedures for Hemp


Hemp Producer Guidance Documents

Data Sharing Protocol
Due Date Overview
Enforcement Procedures
Remediation and Disposal Procedures
Transporting Hemp in CT
Offering Seed for Sale in Connecticut
Pesticide Use On Hemp
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