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General information about the Bureau

Shellfish Sanitation Program
Laboratory Services
Shellfish Area Classifications and Maps
Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring
Vibrio Management

General Information about Connecticut Shellfish Aquaculture

Environmental Benefits of Shellfish & Shellfish Aquaculture
Oyster & Clam Disease Surveillance and Fact Sheets
Shellfish Handling and Guidance
Importation Policy
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Shellfish Industry

Applications, Forms, and Licenses
Shellfish Industry Profile and Economic Impact
Commercial Shellfishing in Connecticut
Shellfish Ground Leasing Procedure and Lease Opportunities
Aquaculture Permit Requirements
HACCP Information and Forms
Regulatory Guidance
Industry Meeting Presentations

Recreational Shellfishing

Recreational Shellfishing and Shellfish Handling Guidance
Recreational Shellfish Growing Area Contacts, Hotlines, and Maps
Shellfish Commission Guidance
Recreational Shellfishing Municipal Licenses

Shellfish Restoration

Overview of the Connecticut Shellfish Restoration Guide
Connecticut Shellfish Restoration Guide

Shellfish Restoration Projects

Shellfish Restoration Regulation Flowchart

Legal Notices

Shellfish Growing Area Classification Changes

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