Farmers' Market Reference Guide

This is a guide to organizing and creating a farmers' market.  For more information on establishing a marketing, please contact Jaime Smith in the Agricultural Development Unit at 860-713-2503.

This guide is in the process of being updated. Please check back periodically for updates.
         Farmers' Market Reference Guide by Chapter
(all in .pdf format or website hyperlink unless otherwise stated)
5.      Updated: Supplemental Food Programs
8.      Market Rules
9.      Market Safety
18.    Shellfish Requirements
25.    Pricing
29.    Market Types
30a.  2019 Crop Plan (.doc)
30b.  2019 Specialty Crop Plan (.doc)    
Understanding the Link Between Farmers' Market Size and Management Organization - (20 pgs, pdf) Oregon State University Publication, December 2007
Farmers' Market Rules, Regulations, and Opportunities  - (49 pages, pdf) National AgLaw Center Publication, June 2002
Farmers' Markets: Marketing and Business Guide - (24 pages, pdf) National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service Publication, 2008