Scanning Project Progress

Photo of remediation files Beginning in 2019 the Remediation Division began accepting some documents electronically with a expansion of accepted documents in 2020. The documents submitted electronically have been available through the online Document Search Portal.

Remediation Division hardcopy documents are in the process of being scanned and will soon be available for review online. Documents are being scanned alphabetically by town.

State IT staff are working with the scanning vendor to make the scanned files available as soon as possible. As scanning progresses, Remediation Division will list the Towns that have been uploaded on this page. Additional information on the scanning project will be presented at the October 2022 Remediation Roundtable.

Files from the Towns Andover - New London are being scanned now and are not available for review in our public file room.

If you need a file from one of the towns currently being scanned and cannot wait until it is available on the portal, please contact Joanna Burnham.

The scanned site files will be searchable on all search criteria in the Document Search Portal with the exception of the date. Unless the file is very small, the site files will be split into the following categories:

• Investigation Reports
• Remedial Action Plans/Reports
• Permits/ TAs
• Engineered Controls/EURs/ Variances
• Significant Environmental Hazards
• Property Transfer Forms
• Verification/Audit/Enforcement
• Correspondence
• Monitoring Reports
• Miscellaneous

Content last updated December 1, 2022