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DEEP, DRS, and DCP Remind Wholesalers, Retailers, and Consumers of Surcharge on Miniature Alcohol Bottles That Takes Effect Oct. 1

(HARTFORD)— The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), Department of Revenue Services (DRS) and Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) remind liquor wholesalers, retailers, and consumers of a five-cent surcharge on miniature alcohol bottles that goes into effect Oct. 1.


The littering of miniatures is a significant problem in communities across Connecticut. The new law, which was part of Public Act 21-58 passed earlier this year, requires liquor wholesalers to assess a five-cent surcharge on miniature alcohol bottles to retailers—and in turn, consumers—collect the surcharges in a separate account, and send the collected surcharges back to the municipalities in which the transactions occurred.


Unlike some other drink containers like bottled water or beer, the surcharge on miniature alcohol bottles does not return directly back to the consumer in the form of a bottle deposit. Municipalities will utilize the funds generated by this surcharge to enact environmental measures intended to reduce the generation of solid waste in their municipality or reduce the impact of litter caused by such solid waste. Such measures can include the hiring of a recycling coordinator; the installation of storm drain filters designed to block solid waste and beverage container debris; or the purchase of a mechanical street sweeper, vacuum or broom that removes litter, including such beverage containers and other debris from streets, sidewalks and abutting lawn and turf areas.

Beginning April 1, 2022, and every six months thereafter, wholesalers will remit payment to every municipality where any such beverage container was sold during the preceding six-month period by such wholesaler.

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