CT Fish and Wildlife Zoom Backgrounds

Video calls are an important way to connect personally and professionally. Enjoy Connecticut's natural resources while you chat with these free Zoom backgrounds from the Bureau of Natural Resources.

Please note: These photos are copyrighted and for personal use ONLY, not for distribution.

How to change your Zoom background:

  1. Download the photo(s) you want to use below by clicking on the image.
  2. Download the Zoom app.
  3. In Zoom, click your profile picture and choose Settings.
  4. Select the Virtual Background under Settings (make sure the Virtual Background button is turned on under the Meeting tab on the Zoom website Meeting Settings).
  5. Ensure the "I have a green screen" and "mirror my video" boxes are unchecked in the Virtual Background tab.
  6. Press the plus box to add the backgrounds from your computer to Zoom.

Kokanee Salmon Eggs

Bald Eagle

Falkner Island

Connecticut Forest

Silver Sands

Fox Kits


Tiger Trout

Five Mile Brook


Wild Turkeys



Content last updated in May 2021.