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Students working on a core at the core repository in Portland, Connecticut


The State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut has a long history of service to the citizens of Connecticut, beginning in 1903, the year of its formation by the State Legislature. The Connecticut Survey contribution to science and society is chronicled through Survey collections (1845-present), which include published and unpublished materials available in the Connecticut Geological Survey Library Archives, and Specimen Collections. Continuing data preservation efforts improve the security of these materials and increase online accessibility. 


Catalog, featured publications, and geologic applications.  Published materials are available, at the Connecticut State Library, or for purchase at the DEEP Store.  Out-of-Print documents may be accessible by contacting the Connecticut State Geologist.



Library Legacy Collections [1835-2020]

The Legacy Collections include a comprehensive assemblage of Connecticut Survey documents, including geologic maps and reports, historic correspondence, unpublished field manuscripts, scientific specimens, geoscience data, publication originals, and Open File documents.



Rock Cores, hand samples, soils, reference specimens, project specific samples, and educational materials are housed in the State Survey Specimen Collections Facility in Portland, CT. These materials are accessible to educators and researchers by appointment through the curator or
Connecticut State Geologist.

Randolph P. Steinen Rock Core Repository
Reference Collections

Educational Resources

  • Dinosaur Track Catalog includes more than 165 tracks, excavated during geological monitoring activities of State construction projects in Rocky Hill.  Tracks are available on loan to schools, public facilities, and museums. The catalog includes information on the size and approximate weight of track slabs.  Contact the State Geologist  to make arrangements for viewing the collection.
  • Rock and Mineral Kits

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