The Plan to Restore Diadromous Fishes to the Naugatuck River Watershed

The Naugatuck River is the largest tributary of the Housatonic River with a watershed encompassing 311 square miles. Diadromous fish species, including Alewife, Blueback Herring, American Shad, American Eel, and Sea Lamprey, were once common and seasonally abundant in the watershed. Spawning runs of these migratory species were extirpated from the upper mainstem and virtually all tributaries by the mid-1800s due to the construction of dams and industrial pollution. With the backing of many state and federal agencies and the hard work and dedication of a multitude of partners throughout the watershed over the last 50 years, the Naugatuck River is better positioned now than it has been in centuries to stage a return of large annual runs of native diadromous fish.  Success in diadromous fish restoration has been achieved in a number of river basins in Connecticut and elsewhere. In order to provide a framework for restoring runs of selected diadromous fishes to the basin, the CT DEEP Fisheries Division has drafted the Plan to Restore Diadromous Fishes to the Naugatuck River Watershed

Tingue Dam

Previous versions or drafts of this plan were referred to as the “Plan for the Restoration of Anadromous Fish to the Naugatuck River, Connecticut” written in 1994 (revised in 1996). This version differs in three critical respects: first, the physical landscape of the Naugatuck River has changed with the removal of five mainstem dams and the construction of fishways on the lowermost two dams (Kinneytown and Tingue Dams); secondly it drops sea-run Brown Trout and adds American Eel to the list of fish species targeted for restoration; and, finally, it establishes recommended options to restore fish passage, including dam removal and fish passage efficiency standards (both upstream and downstream) for the targeted fish species at the Kinneytown Dam.

Continued collaboration between the Fisheries Division and a wide variety of partner organizations and individuals with an interest in the Naugatuck River Watershed will be crucial in realizing our shared goal of restoring runs of diadromous species to the basin.


To that end, we encourage you to register for our public informational session on August 2, 2022 from 6:30PM to 8:00PM where Fisheries Division staff will provide an overview and answer questions. You are also encouraged to submit feedback on the plan using this form.  With your feedback, the Fisheries Division will refine and finalize the draft Plan to Restore Diadromous Fishes to the Naugatuck River Watershed.

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Content last updated July 2022