Low-Income Energy Advisory Board (LIEAB) Members

Chairperson Brenda Watson
Vice-Chairperson Wendy Wanchak
Voting Members (Designees)
Connecticut AARP, President
Tia Murphy
(Nora Duncan)
Connecticut Association for Community Action, Representative
Deb Polun
Connecticut Commission on Women, Children and Seniors, Representative
Steven Hernandez
(Rosemary Lopez)

Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, Representative Christian Herb
(Nickey Kollie)
Connecticut Local Administrators of Social Services, Representative
Joy Hollister
Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, Representative Yveson Cassamajor
Eversource Energy (Electric), Representative Theresa Washington
Eversource Energy (Gas), Representative Joanne Whistnant
Legal Assistance Resource Center, Director Wendy Wanchak
Norwich Public Utilities, Representative Ruth Swift
Office of Consumer Counsel, Representative Tyra Peluso
Operation Fuel, Executive Director
Brenda Watson
(Tonya Anderson)
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, Representative Marissa P. Gillett
(Frank M. Augeri  Jr.)
The Southern Connecticut Gas Company, Representative Nelida Handy
The United Illuminating Company, Representative Kathleen Wasilnak
United Way Connecticut, 2-1-1, President & CEO Lisa Tepper-Bates
(Nicole Lawton)
Non-Voting Members (Designees):
Department of Energy & Environmental Protection
Katie Dykes
(Victoria Hackett)
Department of Social Services, Commissioner
Deidre Gifford, MD, MPH
(Carlene Taylor)
Office of Policy & Management, Policy Development Coordinator
Danielle Palladino
(Owen Rood)

Content last updated October 14, 2021