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Air Permitting and Inventory

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A variety of air quality permits are issued to ensure that emissions from new, modified or existing sources of air pollution do not harm public health or cause significant degradation to air quality.  These permits contain requirements to limit emissions either through control technologies or operational limitations and a means to assure compliance.  The criteria for issuing permits and for defining permit requirements for new or modified facilities are specified in regulations. The DEEP air permit staff who perform the permit reviews and administer the program are available to assist you and answer questions. All permits are issued in accordance with applicable Connecticut and Federal regulations and in accordance with our mission and responsibility to the citizens of Connecticut to protect the environment and public health.  

CT Air Regulations
View current CT Air Regulations, SIP Revisions, regulations in development, DEEP comments on federal air regulations and more.
Air Permitting Forms
Download relevant forms for permitting a source of air pollution including New Source Review Permits, General Permits, Acid Rain Permits, Title V Permits and more.
Title V Operating Permit Program
View and download active Title V Permits that have been issued in CT along with the associated NSR permits and air registrations. 
Air Permitting Assistance
Request a pre-application meeting, access the CT BACT Database and emission calculators, view DEEP Fact Sheets, permitting assistance documents, relevant federal regulations and emission factors to aid you in preparing your permit application.
Air Technical Support
Stack testing, modeling and CEM forms and assistance along with links to other relevant DEEP programs.
Air Permits FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions regarding all aspects of air permitting.
Contact Us
Contact information for the air permitting group.
SIPRAC is the Air Bureau’s standing advisory committee on Connecticut’s implementation of the Clean Air Act.  View upcoming meeting dates and archived meeting agendas and information.


Content Last Updated: August 2, 2021