Help Others Learn About Fishing
Donate Equipment or Money to the CARE Fishing Program

Fishing is one of the oldest and most popular outdoor sports that can be done anytime of day, in any weather, during any season, and almost anywhere. The equipment used can be very simple and inexpensive. And fishing is FUN!

The Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) Program teaches young and old the basics of fishing. Participants learn about fish identification, which tackle to use, and even how to cook fish. Sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Fisheries Division, the CARE Program goes beyond teaching students fishing skills. Volunteer instructors teach fishing ethics, water safety, and conservation. Most of the CARE Program equipment is donated, and most instructors are volunteers. View more information about the CARE Program.

You can contribute to purchasing equipment for the Program directly by sending a check payable to "DEEP-CARE Program" to:

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Bureau of Financial and Support Services
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106

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