DEEP Strategic Goals

Sunrise over CT landscape

Connecticut’s legacy of leadership in natural resource conservation, environmental protection, and clean energy development provides a high quality of life for residents and a strategic advantage for our state’s economic future.  At DEEP, we are building on that legacy to further strengthen Connecticut’s economic advantages in abundant natural resources, first-class outdoor recreation opportunities, a healthy environment, and a growing clean energy economy. How are we doing this? 

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Goal 1
We are actively addressing climate change by advancing emission reduction strategies that support an affordable, reliable, and clean energy economy, and integrating science-based adaptation and resilience planning into our stewardship of natural resources, state and utility infrastructure and operations, and our efforts to protect public health and safety.



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Goal 2

We are safeguarding, enhancing, and promoting Connecticut’s environment and natural resources in order to support our quality of life, stewardship responsibilities, and long-term economic competitiveness.



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Goal 3

We are promoting environmental and energy justice by applying equity, diversity, and inclusion lenses to policy development, program implementation, and workforce development.



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Goal 4

We are prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and predictability in the ways we carry out our regulatory responsibilities.




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Goal 5

We are investing in our staff and championing innovation to continue delivering on our mission during a time of significant anticipated staff attrition.