Commercial Developers


Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development is eager to make it easier for commercial developers to develop promising properties that attract great tenants and spur economic growth. Not only will we work closely with you to identify the financial assistance and technical resources that may be ideal for your specific projects, we’ll help you navigate any applicable requirements across a variety of state agencies — like our Departments of Transportation, Energy and Environmental Protection, Labor, Revenue Services and more. We can also connect you to other key municipal economic development professionals and resources.

Key Facts

  • Connecticut has 10 different Enterprise Zone designations and 72 federally recognized Opportunity Zones — all of which offer significant tax incentives to spur development in key areas.
  • Since 2012, Connecticut has been among the nation’s leaders in brownfields development, investing more than $225 million in remediating and revitalizing these types of properties.

Types of Support

Connecticut offers an array of incentives for developing properties that support our state’s overall strategic plan for economic and community development. We’ve highlighted a few of those programs below. We also encourage you to explore the rest of our site to learn more about the array of tax incentives, funding opportunities and technical resources we offer for all types of businesses.


  • Brownfields Remediation. Connecticut’s Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development (OBRD) is committed to serving as your one-stop resource for brownfield redevelopment in Connecticut. In addition to providing direct loans and grants to facilitate brownfields remediation, we can serve as an active partner through the planning, design and execution of these redevelopment projects.
  • Enterprise Zones. To encourage development in specific areas, the State of Connecticut has established 10 different Enterprise Zone designations across 43 communities. We encourage you to learn more about these zones — and the specific tax incentives each of them offers.
  • Opportunity Zones. In 27 municipalities across Connecticut, there are 72 areas now approved as Opportunity Zones by the federal government. Explore the federal tax incentives and other support available for businesses that develop properties in these designated Opportunity Zones.
  • Transit-Oriented Development Fund. This competitive grant program provides funding to municipalities and regional councils of government for transit-oriented development (TOD) projects and/or projects that demonstrate responsible growth.


  • State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). If you’re working on a project that involves a historic site, a property with architectural significance, or an archaeological resource, you’ll find that SHPO can be a great source for research, permitting assistance and technical expertise.
  • Office of Permit Ombudsman. Within the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), we have an ombudsman who can clarify the appropriate state requirements related to your project, introduce you to an array of public/private resources and address any specific challenges you’re facing.
  • AdvanceCT. AdvanceCT offers a variety of research tools and resources as well as custom-designed analyses to help you better assess the potential for a particular project, the prospects for a specific industry and the dynamics of possible communities. They can also prepare pro forma financial analyses for specific real estate development projects.


  • Site Locator. Through this one site, you can search for available properties all across the site that may be ideal for your development projects.