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 Guidance for Businesses during COVID-19

Updates for Businesses from the Department of Consumer Protection

July 13th - Governor Ned Lamont's Executive Order 7GGG, regarding extension of time to complete continuing education for certain trades

June 30th - Governor Ned Lamont's Executive Order 7EEE, regarding virtual continuing education for electricians and plumbers (See also: Guidance from Department of Consumer Protection)
June 16th - Governor Ned Lamont's Executive Order 7ZZ, regarding hotel liquor permit holders, delivery and pick up
May 12th
- Governor Ned Lamont's Executive Order 7MM, expediting patio extensions of liquor permit holders, and to-go sales at private clubs
May 8th - Pharmacist Role in COVID-19 Testing Frequently Asked Questions
May 1st - Guidance Statement of Outdoor Service of Alcoholic Beverages

April 23rd
- Guidance for Delivery to Automated Dispensing Machines (ADMs) by Non-Licensed Employees
April 16th
- Guidance for Maintaining an Adequate Supply of Medication During COVID-19 (for patients)
April 9th
- Implementation Order for Executive Order 7W, regarding Delivery Signatures and Renewal Extensions
April 7th - Food and Standards Division Guidance for Selling Produce and Packaged Foods for Curbside Pickup
April 2nd
- Implementation Order for Executive Order 7T, Updated for Liquor Delivery
April 2nd - Letter from Drug Control Director, Rodrick Marriott, to Medical Marijuana Patients
April 2nd
Implementation Order Regarding Extension of Deadlines at the Department of Consumer Protection
March 31st
- Implementation Order for Executive Order 7R regarding Liquor Curbside Pickup 
March 29th
- Delivery of Medication to Automated Dispensing Machines in Hospitals
March 27th - Resources for Businesses Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer and Medical Equipment
March 27th - Letter to Pharmacy Credential Holders Regarding Regulatory Waiver
March 22nd - Consumer Protection Releases Implementation Order for Executive Order 7J
March 19th Drug Control Division Releases Guidance for Practitioners Regarding Refill and Reissuance of Controlled Substances
March 19th - Department of Consumer Protection Issues Implementation Order Regarding Sale of Liquor for Off Premises Consumption
March 16th Liquor Control Issues Guidance for Temporary Permit Holders Seeking Refunds
March 15th - State Drug Control Division Releases Implementation Order and Guidance for Pharmacies Regarding Executive Order 7B

Statewide Updates

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  • The state’s site also has specific Business Resources available.

Federal Guidance

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