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Mission StatementUnified School District #2 recognizes that each child is an individual; that all children are creative; that all children need to succeed. Therefore, USD #2 respects the individual needs of children; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.

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Engaging Students

  • Why do people, including students, do the things that they do?
  • How can we motivate  our students to work hard in school? 
  • Click here to join a conversation with Connecticut educators on these and other topics related to school success.


Four Promises

As educators committed to the personal wellbeing and academic success of the children and young people under our care, we make the following promises to each student upon their admission to one of our USD2 schools:
  1. Empowerment:  We will make every effort to persuade you that you are a powerful, self-directed learner who is capable of setting the course for your own education, growth and happiness.
  2. Literacy:  If reading is a challenge for you, we will provide you with a high quality literacy program that identifies the obstacles that have impeded your reading performance in the past and sets you on a course to reading success.  If you are an accomplished reader, we will provide you with opportunities to use your reading skills to explore the world of human knowledge and imagination.
  3. Success Planning:  We will engage you in a process of thoughtful exploration and reflection through which you will create a personal plan for future educational and career success.
  4. The Common Core Standards:  We will provide you with an engaging program of instruction consistent with the Common Core Standards in all of the subject areas required by the State of Connecticut.


To Our Students

We want our students, and their families, to know what they can expect of the educators who serve them in our district schools.  That's why the follow statement is included in our school handbooks and posted in every classroom:
As your teachers, you can count on us to:
  • Be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what we teach;
  • Be active learners ourselves;
  • Provide you with a clear description of what we expect you to learn and what “quality work” looks like;
  • Expect you to do well;
  • Check to make sure that you understand what we are teaching;
  • Provide you with regular information about your progress and academic standing;
  • Ask for your ideas about how our classes might be improved and how you might learn more;
  • Provide extra help when you need it;
  • Treat you with care and respect; and……..
  • Celebrate your success!