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Isaiah's Permanent Supports

Isaiah's FamilyThis holiday season, the Parizo family is officially a little bigger as on Adoption Day, their son, Isaiah, had his adoption finalized. It was a journey to get here but one a committed family embraced for this special little boy.


Ann and Kevin Parizo are adoptive parents to twin boys - who joined their family in 2006. They have fostered 13 children over the years and their family has been a "home" for many during the holidays.


Would they have thought years ago their family would grow larger? When you understand Isaiah's story, the Parizo's were always willing to provide him a home over the past 7 years - they were always a constant in his life.


As an infant, Isaiah was initially placed with kin and eventually into the Parizo's family with the goal of being reunified back into his mother's care. Through the turbulent times, the Parizo home was a safe haven and a consistent refuge for this little boy. He was surrounded by people he knew and who were committed to his well-being.


Isaiah aloneIn 2017, Isaiah was reunified with his mother and the Parizo's embraced maintaining contact with him and his mother. Little did they realize how important that relationship would prove to be.


Due to a number of extenuating circumstances, in 2018 Isaiah again was in need of support. The Parizo's and Isaiah's mother agreed that is was in his best interests to be placed back into the Parizo home.


This arrangement was made between two mothers - a birth and a foster mother, keeping this little boy's best interests in mind.


“They have always had an open door for Isaiah,” said DCF Social Worker, Laura Thompson. Childsaying


Ms. Parizo explained that she stayed in close touch with Isaiah’s Mom throughout Isaiah’s time in care, hoping he would be able to go back home but the family was more than willing to be his forever home. She and her husband make a strong team and agree on the involvement of Isaiah's family and the supports for this little boy requires.


 “She is a serious advocate for Isaiah," said Ms. Thompson explaining that Ms. Parizo ensures that his educational, medical and mental health needs are met. “She makes my job as the social worker easier. Isaiah’s needs are always met in a timely manner," added Ms. Thompson. 


MsThompsonIsaiah’s mother knew the Parizo’s would adopt him.


One issue the family did address, and will the rest of Isaiah's life, is that he is a Hispanic little boy placed into a White home. Ms. Parizo explained that the color of a child’s skin bears no influence on the love and the acceptance that a child receives in their home. Providing love and stability when they needed it most is how she has explained her commitment to the foster care program.
 The Parizo's already adopted two African American boys. AdoptionWordCloud


“The family is very aware of the challenges of having to raise children of color. As a result, they are very careful to instill very strong values," according to the Parizo's FASU social worker, Marcia Macklin.


The Parizo’s adopted Isaiah on National Adoption Day but Isaiah's relationship with his Mother continues moving forward. He calls her occasionally and on his first day of school, the Parizo's sent pictures to her of Isaiah in his new school outfit!


One child, two loving families - home for the holidays.