Mentoring can be a powerful experience for both young people (mentees) and adults (mentors). By forging a relationship and spending time together, two individuals have a unique opportunity to blossom in ways neither may have imagined before.

The DCF One on One Mentoring Program (OOMP) contracts with local service providers statewide to supply adult mentors to DCF involved adolescents ages 14-17, and 18-21 who remain involved with DCF following their commitments.  The providers recruit, screen and train eligible candidates to become mentors, partner with DCF social workers then match approved mentors with DCF committed adolescents and young adults. The goal of the mentoring program is to provide an important and long lasting relationship to adolescents who are placed outside of their homes. 

Mentors are involved in the adolescent's life as a guide, a positive role adult model and a confidant. A mentor's commitment to the adolescent is very important. Mentors maintain weekly contact with their mentees and visits face to face at a minimum of three times a month.  The One on One Mentoring program aims at maintaining these relationships on a long term basis.  Ideally, the relationships evolve into permanent, life-long friendships.  

Please consider becoming a mentor.  Call 1-888-KID-HERO today for more information.


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LINK Instructions (for DCF Staff only)
Mentor Requirements
One on One Mentoring Contractors and Liaisons  (updated 4/15/16)
Other Mentoring Services in CT


Other Mentoring Services in CT:

Big Brothers Big Sister of Southwest CT
Governor's Prevention Partnership
True Colors (LGBT) Program


Forms:  (Completed forms should be sent to the appropriate Mentoring Contractor)

DCF-3031 Fillin (Authorization for Release of DCF, DMV, DPS Information)
DCF-105 Fillin (One-on-One Mentoring Program Exception Form)


Mentor Requirements

DCF strongly encourages adults to become mentors.  Prospective mentors must pass a criminal and Child Protective Services (CPS) background checks and provide two references.  Prospective mentors must demonstrate stability, maturity, and the capacity for commitment to youth.  In addition, all prospective mentors are required to complete 3 hours of DCF Mentor Training prior to being considered eligible to be matched with a mentee.  Trainings are based on a written curriculum which has been reviewed and approved by DCF.   The training will include, but not be limited to: separation and loss; out of home care issues, adolescent development; youth leadership development; listening skills; expectations of mentors; appropriate boundaries in mentor-mentee relationships; confidentiality; cultural competency; low cost area activity resources; independent living skills training and guidance; tutoring skills; vocational skills; and the importance of the first meeting.  


LINK Instructions (For DCF ONLY)

The One on One Mentee Referral Form is now available in LINK. Use the following steps to access and/or create this form:  From the LINK menu, Select Create Casework > Case Planning > Mentee Referral Form > select the Case > select the Case Participant.


Once the Mentee Referral Form has final approval in LINK, a system generated email with the mentee referral attached will be sent to the appropriate OOMP. This removes the requirement for the Worker to fax the form to the OOMP.


Note on Exceptions: From time to time a social worker may identify a 13 year old adolescent who would benefit from mentoring services.  The referral process for adolescents under the age of 14 does not use the LINK system.  An exception form has been developed for this process.  The exception form must be completed by the social worker and forwarded to the ADT Liaison for approval.  Contact your Area Office DCF OOMP Liaison for more information regarding this process.  




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