Telecommunications Databases

Connecticut Siting Council - Disclaimer

The Connecticut Siting Council maintains two separate databases listing the locations and other pertinent information about telecommunications sites in the state. The databases, described in more detail below, are compiled in compliance with state legislation, as a helpful tool for the use of the general public, and for the convenience of persons working with the telecommunications industry.

Database of Tower Sites Under Siting Council Jurisdiction:

The information presented in this database (see link below) is based on records of dockets, petitions, tower share requests, and notices of exempt modifications received and processed by the Council. 

This database is not an exhaustive listing of all wireless telecommunications sites in the state in that it does not include all information about sites not under the jurisdiction of the Siting Council.

Although the Connecticut Siting Council makes every effort to keep this spreadsheet current and accurate, the Council makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the data presented herein.

The public is advised that the records upon which the information in this database is based are kept in the Siting Council’s offices at Ten Franklin Square, New Britain and are open for public inspection during normal working hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Note to Users: Over the years, some of the wireless companies have had several different corporate identities. In the database, they are identified by the name they had at the time of their application to the Siting Council. To help database users follow the name changes, the list below shows the different names by which the companies have been known. Recent mergers in the telecommunications industry have joined companies listed as separate entities. AT&T Wireless merged with Cingular to do business as New Cingular. Sprint and Nextel have merged to form Sprint/Nextel Corporation. 

Cingular: SNET, SCLP, and New Cingular after merger with AT&T

T-Mobile: Omni (Omnipoint), VoiceStream

Verizon: BAM, Cellco

AT&T: AT&T Wireless, New Cingular after merger with Cingular, then Cingular rebranded as AT&T

Nextel: Smart SMR

Database of CSC-Approved Telecommunications Sites

(Database Last Updated: May 11, 2023)

Statewide Comprehensive Database:

Connecticut General Statutes §16-50dd requires the Connecticut Siting Council to develop, maintain and update on a quarterly basis a Statewide Telecommunications Coverage Database that includes the location, type and height of all telecommunications towers and antennas in the state. Although the Siting Council has made every effort to ensure that this database is as inclusive as possible, it makes no representation that all telecommunications sites in the state are included in this listing. As the Siting Council becomes aware of sites that are unlisted, it takes steps to add these sites to the listing. The Council also welcomes corrections or additions to this database.

Comprehensive List of Sites

(Database Last Updated:  May 11, 2023)