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DOCKET NO. 504 -  Arx Wireless Infrastructure, LLC application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a telecommunications facility located at Lot N-4, Sequin Drive, Glastonbury, Connecticut.

APPLICATION (recd. 06/04/21)

A. Council’s Community Antenna Television and Telecommunication Facilities Application Guide
B. Certificate of Service of Application on Government Officials; and List of Officials Served
C. Legal Notice published in The Glastonbury Citizen
D. Notice to Landowners; List of Abutting Landowners; Certificate of Service
E. Radio Frequency Engineering Report with Propagation Plots Attached
F. Site Search Summary, Map of Rejected Sites, and 4-Mile Tower Map with Table
G. Project Plans
H. Visibility Assessment
I. National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Report
J. Power Density Report
K. Avian Resources Evaluation
L. Wetlands Report
M. Correspondence with the Town of Glastonbury
N. Federal Aviation Administration Report
O. Redacted Lease
P. Aerial Photograph
Q. Schools and Daycares Map

Bulk Items:
Town of Glastonbury Zoning Regulations
Town of Glastonbury Zoning Map
Town of Glastonbury GIS Map of Site with Zoning Overlay
Town of Glastonbury Plan of Conservation and Development
Town of Glastonbury Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Regulations
Technical Report
Attachment 1 - C-Squared Calculated Radio Frequency Exposure Report
Attachment 2 - Radio Frequency Analysis Report
Attachment 3 - Existing Sites
Attachment 4 - Technical Report Site Plans
Attachment 5 - Natural Resources Review
Attachment 6 - Preliminary Visibility Analysis Package
Attachment 7 - FAA Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation
Attachment 8 - NEPA Arch Scope Statement

Council Letter to the Town of Glastonbury, 06/08/21
Council Acknowledgement of AT&T Request for Status, 06/18/21
Council Request for Completeness Review Extension, 06/21/21 
Council Completeness Review, 07/15/21
Council Decision on AT&T Request for Status, 07/20/21
Council Interrogatories to Applicant, Set One, 07/30/21
Council Interrogatories to AT&T, Set One, 07/30/21
Council Interrogatories to Applicant, Set Two, 08/03/21
Council Acknowledgement of Comments from the Connecticut Department of Transportation, 08/04/21
Council Decision on the Applicant's Request for Extension to Respond to Interrogatory No. 27, 08/13/21
Council Decision on Motion for Protective Order, 08/20/21
Council Request for Extension of Time to Render a Decision, 09/10/21


Council on Environmental Quality, 06/23/21
Connecticut Department of Transportation, 08/04/21


Town of Glastonbury Comment, 05/26/21
Town of Glastonbury Comment, 7/29/21
Council Acknowledgement of Town's Comments, 08/02/21




August 19, 2021 Hearing Documents, 07/16/21
1.  Instructions for Public Access to Remote Public Hearing
2.  Public Hearing Notice
3.  Hearing Program
4.  Citizens Guide to Siting Council Procedures
5.  Proposed Facility Site Plan 
Remote Hearing Procedure Memorandum and Pre-Remote Hearing Teleconference, 07/22/21
Zoom Remote Public Hearing Records, 08/19/21  (Passcode:  VG9pq=VD  )


Schedule, 06/07/21
Schedule, 07/15/21
Schedule, 07/20/21
Schedule, 07/30/21
Schedule, 08/03/21
Schedule, 09/16/21


Service Lists
Service List, 06/07/21
Service List, 07/15/21


Hearing Program
Hearing Program, 08/19/21


Hearing Transcript 2 p.m., 08/19/21
Public Session Transcript 6:30 p.m., 08/19/21
Council Transcript Memorandum, 09/10/21



APPLICANT - Arx Wireless Infrastructure, LLC (Arx)


Applicant's Affidavit of Publication, 06/24/21
Applicant's Sign Posting Affidavit, 08/10/21
Applicant's Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set One and Set Two, 08/12/21  Cover Letter
Applicant's Revised Exhibit G and H to the Application, 08/12/21
Applicant's Pre-filed Testimony of Keith Coppins, 08/12/21
Applicant's Pre-filed Testimony of Doug Roberts, 08/12/21
Applicant's Pre-filed Testimony of Matthew Davison, 08/12/21
Applicant's Pre-filed Testimony of David Archambault, 08/12/21
Applicant's Response to Interrogatory No. 27, 08/13/21  Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  Cover Letter
Protective Order related to unredacted lease agreement, signed 08/19/21

Applicant's Response to Council Request for Completeness Review Extension, 06/21/21
Applicant's Pre-Hearing Submission, 08/12/21
Applicant's Request for Extension to Respond to Interrogatory No. 27, 08/12/21
Applicant's Revised Pre-Hearing Submission, 08/13/21  


Motions and Objections
Applicant's Motion for Protective Order, 08/11/21


INTERVENOR - New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC (AT&T)

AT&T's Request to Intervene, 06/18/21
AT&T Responses to Council Interrogatories, 08/11/21 


AT&T Hearing Information, 08/11/21


Motions and Objections