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DOCKET NO. 499 – Homeland Towers, LLC and New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC d/b/a AT&T application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the construction, maintenance, and operation of a telecommunications facility located at 16 Coote Hill Road, Sherman, Connecticut.

APPLICATION (recd. 03/12/21)
Application, 03/12/21
Bulk Filings, 03/12/21
Town of Sherman Plan of Conservation and Development
Town of Sherman Zoning Regulations
Town of Sherman Zoning Map
Town of Sherman Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations
Technical Report

Council Letter to the Town of Sherman, 03/15/21
Council Completeness Review, 04/08/21
Council Interrogatories to Applicants, Set One, 04/21/21
Council Decision on Motion for Protective Order, 05/06/21
Council Response to Greenbaum's Request for Continuance of Public Hearing, 05/14/21
Council Acknowledgement of Greenbaum Request for Status, 05/18/21
Council Decision on Greenbaum's Request for Status, 05/26/21
Council Interrogatories to Applicants, Set Two, 06/02/21
Procedural Correspondence Regarding Greenbaum's Pre-Hearing Submissions, 06/18/21
Council Memorandum Regarding Rulings on Motions/Close of Evidentiary Record, 06/25/21 


Connecticut Airport Authority Comments, 04/14/21
Council on Environmental Quality Comments, 04/29/21


Sherman Telecommunications Committee Comments, 03/15/21
Sherman Conservation Commission Comments, 03/16/21
Sherman Conservation Commission Additional Comments, 05/12/21
Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission Comments, received 05/17/21
Sherman Planning and Zoning Commission Comments, 08/11/21



May 25, 2021 Hearing Documents, 04/12/21
1.  Instructions for Public Access to Remote Public Hearing
2.  Public Hearing Notice
3.  Hearing Program 
4.  Citizens Guide to Siting Council Procedures
5.  Proposed Facility Site Plan Drawing SP-1, revised 2/16/21  Drawing CP-1, revised 02/16/21
Pre-Hearing Conference Memorandum via Teleconference, 04/21/21
Remote Hearing Procedure Memorandum, 04/29/21
Zoom Remote Public Hearing Recording, 05/25/21 (  Passcode:  @K0Q13#9 )
Council Evidentiary Hearing Continuation Memorandum, 05/26/21
1.  Instructions for Public Access to Remote Evidentiary Hearing
2.  June 24, 2021 Hearing Program 
Zoom Remote Public Hearing Recording, 06/24/21  (  Passcode:  sc?c4Wm#  


Schedule, 03/15/21
Schedule, 04/08/21
Schedule, 05/26/21


Service Lists
Service List, 03/15/21
Service List, 05/25/21


Hearing Program
Hearing Program, 05/25/21
Hearing Program, 06/24/21

Hearing Transcript 2 p.m., 05/25/21
Public Session Transcript 6:30 p.m., 05/25/21
Council Transcript Memorandum, 06/02/21
Continued Evidentiary Hearing Transcript 2 p.m., 06/24/21
Council Transcript Memorandum, 07/02/21


Applicants - Homeland Towers, LLC and New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC d/b/a AT&T

Applicant's Affidavit of Publication, 03/24/21
Signed Protective Order, 05/06/21
Applicants' Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set One, 05/11/21
Applicants' Supplemental Submission, 05/18/21
Applicants' Response to Stan Greenbaum's Adjournment Request and Related Comments, 05/18/21
Applicants' Responses to Council Interrogatories, Set Two, and Late-Filed Exhibits 06/16/21
Applicants' Responses to Greenbaum Interrogatories, 06/17/21
Signed Protective Order, 06/24/21


Applicant Correspondence Regarding Sign Relocation, 05/18/21
Applicants' Pre-Hearing Submission, 05/18/21
Applicants' Interrogatories to Greenbaum, 06/10/21
Applicants' Continued Evidentiary Hearing Submission, 06/17/21

Motions and Objections
Applicant's Motion for Protective Order, 04/15/21
Applicants' Motion for Protective Order, 06/17/21
Applicants' Motion on the Scope of Greenbaum's Participation in Docket 499, to Compel the Disclosure of Any Witnesses He Intends to Call, and for the Exclusion of Certain Documents or Testimony as part of Greenbaum's Intended Evidentiary Case, 06/18/21

Post Hearing Brief and Draft Findings of Fact
Applicants' Post-Hearing Brief, 07/22/21

Intervenor - Stan Greenbaum 

Greenbaum Request for Intervenor Status, 05/18/21
Greenbaum Pre-filed Testimony, 05/18/21
Attachment 1 - Sherman Public Safety Communications:  Report on Phase I, 01/24/13
Attachment 2 - RCC Consultants' Cell Phone Coverage Analysis Presentation to Town of Sherman Board of Selectmen, 09/26/13
Attachment 3 - Draft of Letter from Public Safety Communications Committee to AT&T, shared at Board of Selectmen's Meeting, 09/26/13
Greenbaum Responses to Applicants' Interrogatories, 06/14/21
Greenbaum Pre-Hearing Submission (revised), 06/17/21
Attachment 4 - Photos and images
a) Visual impact study
b) July 26, 2013 balloon float from 150 Rt 37 South
c) May 21, 2021 crane tower simulation
Attachment 10 -  Coote Hill Road traffic study, June 15, 2021
Attachment 11 -  Signed Letter from Aldo Pascarella, President, Timber Trails Club, Inc. Re: Wanzer Mtn tower location and immediate location of emergency services, Litchfield County Dispatch and public works on the Aquarion Water Company on Big Trail Extn.
Attachment 12 -  Propagation maps predicting cell signal coverage 
Attachment 16 -  Excel Spreadsheet Study of Call Coverage on Roads in Southern Sherman 


Greenbaum Correspondence, 05/18/21
Greenbaum Correspondence, 05/24/21
Greenbaum Interrogatories to Applicant, 06/10/21  Certificate of Service Page
Greenbaum Revised Interrogatories to Applicant, received  06/11/21
Greenbaum Additional Witnesses and Documents, 06/24/21
Greenbaum Correspondence regarding draft Findings of Fact Citations, 08/19/21
Greenbaum Correspondence regarding August 11, 2021 Sherman Planning and Zoning Correspondence, 08/25/21

Motions and Objections
Greenbaum Response to Applicants' June 18, 2021 Motion, received 06/23/21

Post Hearing Brief and Draft Findings of Fact
Greenbaum Post Hearing Brief and Proposed Findings of Fact, 07/24/21
Greenbaum Revision to Post Hearing Brief and Proposed Findings of Fact, 07/25/21


Council's Draft Findings of Fact, 08/12/21
Greenbaum Comments on Council's Draft Findings of Fact, 08/19/21

Council's Decision Package, 08/27/21